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A Word About AGC 2018

The Austin Game Conference (AGC) presented by Intel, took place September 21-22, 2017 at the Austin Convention Center. AGC provides critical insight into online games development with more than 100 speakers across 7 conference tracks: Design, Technical, Production, Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality, Audience Development, Audio and Business. Keynotes included: John Hanke, CEO and Founder, Niantic, Inc., developer of Pokémon GO and 35-year game industry vet Richard Hilleman, Director, PMT, Amazon Games. Plus, we once again hosted the Intel Indie Dev Showcase. For a pdf version of the print program click here (7mb pdf file).

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Keynote: John Hanke, CEO and Founder, Niantic, Inc.

John _Hanke_Headshot-agckeynote-400px2John Hanke, CEO and Founder, Niantic, Inc. delivers the AGC 2017 opening keynote on September 21st: What is AR and Does it Matter for Games?


In the past year since the launch of Pokémon Go, Facebook, Google, Apple, and Snapchat have all started talking about Augmented Realty. And yet many people are still not sure what ‘AR’ is and there is debate about whether it is relevant to gamers in the near term.


Hanke will offer up his definition of what ‘Augmented Realty’ really is and will discuss the challenges and opportunities of building augmented reality games. He will provide learnings from developing AR games and running them as live services and discuss what shape augmented reality will take on in the next few years. Hanke will also offer insights into the Niantic platform and address how developers can work to develop the next generation on real world games.


Keynote: Richard Hilleman, Director, PMT, Amazon Games

Rich_Hilleman_HeadshotRichard Hilleman, Director, PMT, Amazon Games delivers the AGC 2017 September 22 keynote:  No Compromises.


Richard Hilleman has been making way too many games way too long. Over nearly 35 years, he has played a number of roles ranging from hardware assembly to CTO, with 30 years of game producing and design credits in the middle.


Every developer dreams of bringing their project to life without compromises. And while compromises can sometimes deliver unexpected breakthroughs, more often than not, it’s a series of tradeoffs that chip away at their creative vision. Rich Hilleman has seen his fair share of compromises, going all the way back to the days of floppy discs and dial up modems. And while the nature of compromise has changed over the years, it’s still top of mind with every developer. Find out what is possible when developers can finally remove the word compromise from their vocabularies.


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