Attendees Include


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2D Designer
3D Artist
3D Creative Developer
3D Creative Software Developer
3D Graphics Artist
3D\VR Specialist
Account Director
Account Executive
Account Manager
Adjunct Faculty/Specialist
Advisory Software Engineer
Android Developer
Animation & Video Game Liaison
AR | VR DevRel
Area Manager
Area Manager/ Social and Community
Art Director
Art Director / Co-Owner
Aspiring developer
Assistant Director
Associate Recruitee
Associate Technical Artist
Audio Director
Austin Community College–Game Design Track
Biz Dev
Board Member
Business Analyst
Business Development
Business Development, Unreal Engine, Americas
Business Relationship Manager
Business Technology Manager
CAET/GAMMA Program Coordinator
Career Counselor
CEO & President
CEO/Creative Lead
CEO/Lead Developer
CG Supervisor
Character Artist
Chief Architect, Watson Labs
Chief Creative Officer
Chief Game Designer
Chief Game Wizard
Chief Operating Officer
Chief Product Officer
Chief Revenue Officer
Chief Technology Officer
Client Event Production Associate
Cloud Solutions Architect, Gaming
Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer
Co-Founder and Creative Director
Co-Founder/Head of Business Development
Co-Founder/Head of Strategy
Comm Ops Mgr
Community Engagement Manager
Community Manager
Community Operations Lead
Community Specialist
Concept Artist
Content Creator
Contributing editor
COO and co-owner
Corporate Development Associate
Creative Director
Creative Director/Founder
Creative Lead
CTO Interactive Media
Customer Service Relations and Taxidermist
Deputy Director, Admissions and Marketing
Design and Art Lead
Design Director
Designer / Programmer
Developer Evangelist
Developer Programs Manager
Developer Relations
Developer Relations Manager
Developer Success Integration Engineer
Development Director
Digital New Business
Digital New Business Representative
Director Center for Teaching Excellence & Innovati
Director Engineering
Director GAMMA
Director of Advertising Sales, N.A.
Director of Business Development
Director of Community
Director of Community Relations
Director of Data Engineering
Director of Design
Director of Developer Relations
Director of Gaming Partnerhsips
Director of Global Sales
Director of Marketing
Director of Marketing & PR
Director of Marketing and Communications
Director of Membership and Research
Director of Operations
Director of Product Analysis and Monetization
Director of Product Development
Director of Recruiting
Director of Sales
Director of Studio
Director of Support Services
Director of Technology
Director, Communications & Connections
Director, Developer Ecosystem
Director, Game Developer Success
Director, Games Segment
Director, Global Sales
Director, Interactive Game Studies
Director, Live Services Marketing
Director, Unity Austin
Editor and Publisher
Editor in Chief
Editor-in-Chief, Publisher
Embedded QA Lead
Engine Licensing Manager – Americas
Engineering Manager
Environment & Texture Artist
ER/CR Manager
E-Support Director
EVPPublishing, Co-Founder
Exec Director of Technology
Exec Producer
Executive Director
Executive Director, eSports
Executive Producer
Executive Producer & Editor-at-Large
Executive Producer, World of Warcraft
Executive Producer/President
Executive Recruiter
Executive Technologist
Exhibitions Manager
Fearless Leader
Founder / CEO
Founder and CEO
Founder and Co-Owner
Founder and Lead Developer
Founder/Virtual Reality Software Engineer
Fraud Manager
Freelance Composer, Sound Designer, & Audio Implementor
Freelance Sound Designer
Freelance Unity Developer, Technical Director and CG Supervisor
Front End Developer
Game Advisor
Game Designer
Game Designer / Lecturer
Game Designer/Programmer
game developer
Game Developper
Game Director & Vice President
Game Industry and Marketing Analyst
Game Programmer
Game Studio Relations
Gameplay Engineer
Gameplay Programmer
Games Engineer
Games Strategic Lead
Gaming Associate
Gaming Senior Editor
General Counsel
General Manager
General Partner
Global Brand Director
Global Business Development Director
Global Community Manager
Global Director of Community Development
Global Director, Influencers & Community
Global Gaming Partnerships Director
Global Lead Community Manager
Global Senior Director of Community Development
Gordon Walton President
GPA Product Owner
Graduate Student
Graphic Artist / Game Designer
Graphic Software Engineer
Graphics Software Engineer
Head of Business Development
Head of Business Development and Sales
Head of CCS
Head of Client Development
Head of Influencer Marketing
Head of Services
Head of Social
Head of Talent Acquisition
HR & Talent
HR Assistant
HR Manager
I&D Supervisor
independant developer
Independent Game Developer
Indie Game Developer
Industry Relations Coordinator
Indy Game Developer
Instructional Technology Specialist
Interactive Innovation Awards Specialist
Investment Manager
IT Assistant
IT Manager
IT Support/Env Artist
Lab Manager
Lead Art / Design
Lead Back End Engineer
Lead Designer
Lead Developer
Lead Engineer, IBM Watson
Lead Front End Developer
Lead Game Designer
Lead Monetization Designer
Lead Producer
Lead Product Manager
Lead Program Manager
Lead QA/Audio Engineer
Lead Recruiter
Lead Software Architect, Virtual Reality Group
Lead VFX Artist
Lead Videographer
Lead VR Designer
Manager / Producer
Manager of Business Development
Manager, Recruiting
Manager, Talent Acquisition
Managing Director
Managing Director of Games & Apps
Managing Director, Digital and Gaming
Managing Partner
Marketing & Events
Marketing Director
Marketing Event Manager
Marketing Manager
Marketing Specialist
Marketing Student
Media Director
Medical Technologist
Modeling/Animation Intern
Music Producer
National Account Manager
News editor
no data captured
North America Business Development
North American Community Manager- Battlefield
Office Environment Team
Operations Manager
Operations Sensai
Owner / Developer
Owner/Creative Director
Paul T. Babson Chair in Entrepreneurial Studies an
President & CEO
President of the Electronic Game Developers Society at UT Austin
President, Sales & Business Development
Principal Consultant
Principal, Business Development and Strategy
Principle Programmer
Pro Artist
Producer / Developer / Certified Adult™
Producer\Lead Programmer
Product Adoption Administrator
Product Development
Product Evangelist / Artist
Product Manager
Product Marketing Engineer
Product Support Manager
Production Manager
Production Student
Program Coodinator
Program Manager
Program Manager III
Programming Assoc
Project Director
Project Manager
Project Manager/Test Engineer
Publishing Advisor
Publishing Director
QA Lead
Quality Assurance
Recruiting Manager
Research Assistant
Sales and Business Development Exec
Sales Associate
Sales Consultant
Sales Development
Sales Director
Sales Engineer
Sales Manager
Sales Specialist, RTX & Live Events
Senior Art Director
Senior Community Manager
Senior Consultant
Senior Creative Director
Senior Designer
Senior Director of Customer Service, The Americas
Senior Director Technical Sales, Games
Senior Editor
Senior Fire Protection Engineer
Senior Gameplay Programmer
Senior Group Manager, Customer Service
Senior Infrastructure Programer
Senior iOS Engineer
Senior Level Designer
Senior Member of Tech Staff
Senior Platform Engineer
Senior Producer
Senior Product Specialist
Senior Programmer
Senior Recruiter
Senior Recruiter & Sourcer
Senior Software Engineer
Senior Software Engineer II
Senior Technical Artist
Senior UI Artist (and more)
Senior VFX artsit
Senior VP Global Operations
Senior VR Engineer
Site Operations Manager
Social Advisor
Social Media/Marketing Manager
Social News Editor
Soft Dev
Software Architect
Software Developer
Software Developer and Design
Software Development Consultant
Software Engineer
Software Engineer, Unity Lead
Sound Designer
Sr Engineer
Sr HR Generalist/Recruiter
Sr Recruiter
Sr. 3D Creative Developer
Sr. Account Director
Sr. Account Executive
Sr. Android Engineer
Sr. Architect
Sr. Art Director
Sr. Artist
Sr. Associate
Sr. Business Development Manager
Sr. Community Manager
Sr. Designer
Sr. Dev Rel Tech Artist
Sr. Developer
Sr. Director
Sr. Director HR & Talent
Sr. Director, Business Development
Sr. Event Marketing Manager
Sr. Global Account Manager
Sr. Manager, ER/CR
Sr. Producer
Sr. QA Engineer
Sr. Recruiter
Sr. Recruiter,
Sr. Software Engineer
Sr., Business Development
Student & Youtuber
Student Development Specialist
Studio GM
Studio GM & Director of Development
Studio Manager, Production
SVP Behaviour Digital | CTO
SVP of Research, Games and Digital
SVP, Games
SVP, Sales and Marketing
SXSW Gaming Conference Manager
Systems Designer/Writer
Systems Specialist
Talent Sourcer
Team Manager
Tech Director
Tech Evangelist
Tech Lead
Technical Accounts Manager
Technical Consultant Engineer
Technical Director
Technical Producer
Technical Project Lead
Technical Recruiter
Technical Specialist
Transmedia Producer
UI Developer
Unity Developer
User Acceptance Test Lead
User Experience Designer
UX Designer
Vendor Manager
Vice President
Vice President, Studios
Voice Actor
VP Dev Success
VP eSports Evangelist
VP HR and Administration
VP Interactive Games Prod
VP Marketing and Live Events
VP of Business Development
VP of Engineering
VP of Immersive Technology
VP of Live Operations
VP of Publishing
VP of Product & Finance
VP Product Development
VP Sales & Marketing
VP Software Partnerships (Americas)
VP, Business Development
VP, Engineering
VP, Publishing
VP, Tech Evangelism
VR Architect
VR Programming · Film Production Specialist
VRDude, Lead Engineer, Creative Content Studio
Watson Labs Eng Mgr
Web Engineer
Weekly & Monthly Contributor
Writing Consultant
YouTube Producer