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Business Matchmaking: Book more meetings at AGC

agc-connect-2017logo-384x234-pheedloopThis year we are pleased to offer AGC Connect, a web-based app allowing All Access attendees, exhibitors and speakers to connect and pre-schedule meetings during AGC. You will also be able to manage your profile, create a personal show schedule and much more as AGC approaches!

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After you register for AGC you’ll receive email (check your spam filter if necessary) to fill out your AGC personal profile. It will include your login and temporary password. Take a moment to login, change your password and quickly fill out your profile. For ease of use, you can to link directly to your LinkedIn account, pre-populating your attendee profile.

AGC Connect Benefits:

  • Create your own personal, customized AGC schedule, maximing your calendar
  • Message other attendees, speakers, exhibitors and sponsors to arrange meetings in the attendee lounge or elsewhere
  • Search attendees by name and by company
  • Provide direct live feedback to speakers during or after their sessions
  • Ask speakers questions prior to the show or live at AGC
  • Participate in speaker-created online polls
  • Download speaker presetantions
  • Link your profile to your LinkedIn account effortlessly
  • Participate in public discussions with other attendees
  • Post photos to the shared AGC Photo Gallery
  • Manage your personal contact settings (set the app up to email you if you receive a message)
  • Plus, it’s a web-based app so just bookmark it on your phone or tablet and login – nothing to download.


To get started, register for AGC All Access Pass below.


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