What Not to do When Building Your MVP Program. Tales from the Trenches.

Room 14

MVPs (Most Valuable Players) are the most valuable, passionate, loyal, and intense group of players you could ever hope to have in your community. Launching a program for them from the ground up can be a perilous task leaving the most battle worthy emotionally scarred rocking in a corner. How do you crawl out of the trenches and remain with a happy, engaged, satisfied community? Learn from those who came before you on how your program can acquire, retain, and re-engage without putting your foot in your mouth. Drop-in to this session to hear about top 10 party-fouls of MVP Programs and ways you can successfully avoid these faux-pas while growing your community from one short-term launch into a loyal and lasting community full of high ranking players, valuable influencers, and your biggest fans for years to come.

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