Chris Mayer

Lead Network Engineer, Battlecry Studios

Chris Mayer is a Lead Network Engineer at Battlecry Studios (a Zenimax Corporation development studio) in Austin, TX where he is hard at work on an unannounced title.  Prior to his current job, he was the founder of the independent Austin based game studio Night Owl Games and was responsible for the development and launch of DUNGEON OVERLORD. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Chris spent over a decade developing and publishing MMOs. This includes lead engineering roles on ULTIMA ONLINE at EA: Austin and STAR WARS GALAXIES at Sony Online Entertainment. He served as CTO and VP of Product Development at NCsoft Corporation North America, helping to fund and publish numerous MMO titles as well as setting up an infrastructure designed to assist development teams with common MMO technical requirements.

Prior to entering the game industry in 1998, Chris graduated from Rice University and then worked as a software engineer at National Instruments. Chris currently lives in Austin, TX with his wife, children and 3 lazy cats. When he is not playing with his kids, he is online, playing PC games, or taking a beating playing amateur hockey at the local rink.

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