Lori Solomon

Sr. Marketing Manager, Developer Program, Dolby Laboratories

In her role as senior marketing manager, of the Dolby Developer Program Lori evangelizes Dolby technologies throughout the software dev community. She is responsible for connecting with game, web and mobile developers to create co-promotional programs.  Since joining the Dolby Developer Program in 2014, Lori has launched programs with many companies, including Apple, Amazon and Roku. She also oversees the company’s developer facing trade shows and events.

Lori graduated with a bachelor’s degree in theater arts with an emphasis in sound design from San Francisco State University and has been with Dolby over 15 years.  In addition to holding a position on the AGC advisory board, she is also a member of AES, the International Game Developers Association, and the Game Audio Network Guild.  In her spare time, she enjoys travel and photography and will always make time for a little “Super Monkey Ball”.

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